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An Axe Becomes as Good as Its Smith

Gränsfors axes are forged by very professional smiths.  The proof of this professionalism is that they are able to forge axes with such precision that no supplementary work, to hide mistakes in the forging, is needed.

At Gränsfors Bruks, the forging craft is allowed to take its time.  The smiths do not work by the piece.  They take care and do the right forging from the beginning.  There is no need to stone or grind or smooth or paint the axes in order to hide or eliminate imperfections in the forging.

A smith at Gränsfors Bruks has nothing to hide and he is proud of his professional standards.  When he is satisfied with his work and has accepted his axe, he marks the head with his initials beside the company's crown label:

           LP Lennart Pettersson                      KS Kjell-Äke Sjölund
           UN Ulrik Nilsson                               RA Rune Andersson
                                               MS Mikel Sundberg                         MM Mattias Mattsson
                                               LE Lars Enander                              DG Daniel Gräntz
                                               BA Bert-Ove Andersson                  JE Joakin Eriksson

In 1990, Gränsfors Bruks' axes were awarded a prize in "Ecological Design" from The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in cooperation with The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design.  In 1995, Gränsfors Bruks received another award from The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design for the "Hunter's Axe." 

Gransfors Bruks Products We Offer

Hunter's Axe

Small Forest Axe

Scandinavian Forest Axe

Large Splitting Axe

Swedish Carving Axe

Swedish Broad Axe

Carpenter's Axe

Mortise Axe

Big Swedish Drawknife

Axe Sharpening File

Axe Sharpening Diamond

Axe Sharpening Stone

Traditional Log Scribe

Adze Straight Short Handle

Gutter Adze Long Handle

Gutter Adze Short Handle

Adze Straight Long Handle

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