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Log Home Repair and Restoration: Corn Blasting

We feel that our policy of not using chemical strippers because of their impact on the environment is the right choice. There are several other methods of removing an existing finish. Power washing, sanding and cornblasting are the preferred methods.

When we are unable to remove an existing finish by power washing we use corn blasting. The method is similar to sand blasting but corn cob grit is used which is not as abrasive as sand and is environmental friendly and biodegradable.

After cornblasting, the logs are returned to an almost new condition. The walls are then sanded (if needed), washed and up to three coats of quality stain, such as Weatherall UV Guard Exterior Wood Finish may be applied to protect the logs.

Corn blasting may sound primitive, but overall it is the most modern way to strip existing treatments off of your home. Not only does it accomplish stripping of your home, but it leaves logs dry and ready for the next stage (no waiting around for other products to dry), and prevents water damage both inside and outside your home from other stripping processes like power washing. Clean up is quick and easy and is done by simply blowing away excess material because the media is biodegradable and recyclable. Corn blasting is the most environmentally safe way to strip a home, and working with natural products from our environment is important to our services.



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